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Karen Lewellen - Singer, Broadcaster, Producer and Much More
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Listen to Karen Welcome You to Her Site


If you would like to hear me describe the contents of this page for you, follow the link to the right and you can explore with my voice as a guide. Otherwise continue on and you will discover the essence of music, broadcast and spoken word communications that is Karen Lewellen and learn more about the various projects and productions of G.A.F. Entertainment. Let's Begin!!

Vocal Guide

Since this may be the first time you and I have met, an introduction is in order. So, follow the link to the right to reach my biography and other interesting Karen facts.


To learn about my work as a character singer, broadcaster and spoken word/stage performer, choose from the options to the right.


But what good are resumes without samples! The link to the right lets you hear recordings of me singing, doing radio reporting and some spoken word material done as commercials.

This section is changing all the time so come back often!


G.A.F. Entertainment was created as a loving tribute to my Great Aunt Francis - Francis L. Owens who turned 100 on March 24th, 2003!!

You will find more about her special legacy if you follow the link about her to the right.

Picture of Great Aunt Francis - Francis L. Owens.
Francis L. Owens

In addition to my jazzy-pop character singing and my work as a radio reporter/producer, I provide other media relations, special events and fund raising services via G.A.F. More information on these aspects are listed here by selecting the Services link to the right.


Thanks for visiting my site and I hope you will tell me what you think of karenlewellen.com.

If you wish to contact us about a performance or a project, E-mail me here by selecting the link to the right.

You may reach us via standard mail at:

G.A.F. Entertainment
123 Seventh Avenue
Suite 127
Brooklyn, NY 11215

Telephone: (646) 881-6909

Again I am happy you took a moment to enjoy the sights and sounds of karenlewellen.com...

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