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Pictures of Karen Lewellen.
Karen Lewellen

The Karen Lewellen Experience!

Here at last are some new broadcast samples and remastered musical numbers reflecting various creative colors that make up my performing rainbow. I put together some offerings that gives you both a sense of how I sound and interact with my audiences, telling stories both from a stage and from behind the microphone.

The songs here reveal what I mean by character singing, focusing on a personality or situation and covering different styles. Some of the numbers, among them Crazy He Calls Me, Watch What Happens, and New York, New York were recorded live while Seduces Me and In A Sentimental Mood were done in studio. I happily share remastering of crazy New York and fine, appearing in .wav format on the site for the first time. I hope you will enjoy these various images of me in song.

As my broadcaster page shows, my storytelling work in the reporter/producer's chair also runs the gambit. Here you will find two new features plus segments from different talk show interviews.

TTC - Wheel-Trans Verses The Blind presents the human side of an ongoing standoff between the Toronto transit Commission's paratransit service and a community who, one would think, automatically qualified. A shorter version of this story aired on Canada's national Groundwire community news program. Entertainment legend & Star Trek babe Barbara Luna shares how she came to guest star on the series, an experience that changed her work as an actress. I am presenting this feature as aired on Public radio program Prime-time.

The three shorter segments demonstrate the power of a single question, first with the president of the National Tax-Payer's Association discussing the *simplicity* of tax forms and second with former Arkansas Senator Blanch Lincoln, an avid hunter, talking about gun control laws.

The last broadcasting sample is the close to a story on the Beale Street Blues Museum in Memphis, Tennessee, produced for the Voice Of America.

I suppose that my music making and broadcasting include some voice/narration work. I like to create characters and set the mood for my music audiences and there is much of the traditional narrative feel to any radio project. To demonstrate the voice-over side of me though, I provide you with some specific samples of me in both copy-reading and character mode.

The four commercials here are included together as they are short, yet still give you a hint of some of my narrative and character voice ability.

I hope you enjoy all of these pieces. Check back often as this page will be updated with new and exciting performances!

Happy listening!

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...or contributing to Curtain Up! We are a 501(c)(3) organization whose mission is using media to champion under-represented voices and ideas. Any way you help keeps the storytelling alive.

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Please select the links below to listen:

   Karen Lewellen's Songs.
Crazy He Calls Me (New remastering)
Fine And Mellow (New remastering)
New York, New York (New remastering)
Seduces Me
In A Sentimental Mood
Watch What Happens - WAV format
Watch What Happens - MP3 format

Broadcasting   Karen Lewellen's Broadcasting.
Toronto Transit Commission vs. The Blind (New) - WAV format
Toronto Transit Commission vs. The Blind (New) - MP3 format
Profile of actress Barbara Luna (New) - AIFF format
Profile of actress Barbara Luna (New) - MP3 format
National Tax-Payer's Association
Former Senator Blanch Lincoln
Beale Street Blues

Commercials   Karen Lewellen's Commercials.
Dance Studio
Irish Cultural Center

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