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Karen Lewellen On Making Music!!

I will never forget my first exposure to music and the way it transformed my world. Only the discovery of reading around the same age of three has had so great an impact on the person I am today. My influences, as my style suggests, are quite diverse including, but not limited to: Karen Carpenter, Jane Oliver, Carol King, Lena Horn, Dela Reace and Bette Midler. For their storytelling ability and versatility in song: Sammy Davis Jr., Frank Sinatra, Tom Waits and Bob Dylan. But I am influenced by all I hear just as by all I meet. I cannot list all of the creative spirits that color my own creating.

Almost all of my performances feature at least one of my own arrangements and increasingly my own songs. Whether the fun setting of Open Mics at Chez Suzette's or Women in Music Jam Sessions, I enjoy giving a new sparkle to a well-known tunes as well. Here are some of my recent performances:

Picture of Karen Lewellen.
Karen Lewellen
  • Chez Suzette's Open Mic, New York City

  • The Triad, with Lisa Miller, New York City

  • La Bar Bat, with Women In Music, New York City

  • "The Evening of Story and Song," a production of G. A. F. Entertainment, New York City

  • Don't tell Momma, New York City

  • Eighty-Eights Cabaret, New York City

  • The Stick and Rudder, Sacramento, CA

  • Storieville Night Club, San Francisco, CA

  • B.B. King's Blues Club, Memphis, TN

  • The Famous Door (Nightclub) - Engagement, New Orleans, LA

  • Mr. Henry's, Nightclub, Washington, D.C.

  • "Characters: Celebrating People and sSituations," Concert J.F. Kennedy Center, Washington, D.C.

  • Joyce Cob's, with Memphis Jazz Orchestra, Memphis, TN

  • The Torch Club, Sacramento, CA

  • Jazzmen's Art of Pasta, Sacramento, CA

  • Hilton Hotel, with Arkansas Jazz Society, Hot Springs, AR

  • The Oyster Bar, Little Rock, AR

  • Starsearch, Audition, Atlanta, GA

  • Amateur Night Performance, Apollo Theater, New York City

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