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KAREN LEWELLEN Mistress of Musical Moments?

"So, I'm in this little club in Chicago, and I am not really expecting much. Just planning to talk with my friends, let the music be in the background, you know? And, out comes this stunning woman, with an electric personality, and a voice as versatile as a Streisand or a Houston, or a Lady Day! She's putting on a show that's a mixture of the best concert I've ever seen, and the greatest Oscar winning performance I've ever watched. Karen Lewellen is incredible."

Jim Tailor, Music Critic, Chicago, IL

"It's a real thrill making music with Karen Lewellen. From the minute you start, you know that you're not just playing a gig, you are creating something special. It is a wonderful experience not just for the audience, but for us guys in the band too."

Scottie White, Storieville, San Francisco, CA

Picture of Karen Lewellen.
Karen Lewellen
"I remember when I interviewed Karen Lewellen being impressed not only with her warmth and talent, but with her professionalism. We needed a couple of extra shots for the story and anyone else would have just posed by the piano. But, Karen gave us a little performance, a song that was really high on the charts then, and being played a lot on the radio. When I heard Karen Lewellen sing it, it was like the first time, and I wanted to listen over and over. She is going places, I just know it!"

Kathryn Donnaley, Reporter, "The Washington Times," Washington D.C.

"When Karen Lewellen sang here, the audience went crazy! - even when she was doing numbers they'd heard a hundred times before from other artists. She has a standing invitation to grace the stage of this club any time she wants!"

David Martain, B. B. King's, Memphis, TN

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