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Karen Lewellen On the Radio!!

Radio was a major part of my life from the beginning and not just because it brought me more music. I enjoyed tuning in far-off stations and listening to the goings on in those parts of the country. WCBS from New York City, WLS from Chicago, WSB from Atlanta and WHO radio in Des Moines, Iowa, which would be one of the first stations I began calling into as a talk show regular. Not bad for a tiny radio in Arkansas. Of course I would call Iowa when my parents were out and ask questions related to my homework so as to justify the expense. As I sounded much older than I really was, getting on the air was rather easy even though I was only 13 or so at the time.

Still, even with my love of radio, it would be many years later before I considered broadcasting as a supplementary career to my music making. While in law school in Washington, I began to think that perhaps my now frequently indulged in passion for talk radio might become something more than just a pastime. And after my first two radio shows in DC and with great encouragement from my broadcast mentor, Tom Snyder, of NBC's Tomorrow Show, ABC's Radio Network and the CNBC Cable Network, I returned to get my Master's in Mass Communications (MSMC) and began working in radio in earnest.

My broadcasting influences include Tom of course, who let me hone my interviewing skills with his guests including Bill Cosby, Phil Collins, Charlton Heston, Ray Bradbury and many, many more. I have also learned much from many interviews with NPR, most notably, Robert Seigal, Scot Simon and Noah Adams, along with a lot of local voices over the years. My work has been honored by the associated press and the corporation for public broadcasting. Here is a list of some of my radio credits both behind the microphone and behind the scenes:

Picture of Karen Lewellen.
Karen Lewellen
  • The Cultural Perspective, Pacifica Network, Washington DC

  • The Morning Program With Doug Stephen, News Talk Radio Network, Commercial

  • Curtain Up, Producer/Announcer, National Public Radio Satellite Service

  • Scientia (meaning knowledge in Latin) NPR Affiliate

  • Music of the Masters, NPR Affiliate

  • Morning Classics, NPR Affiliate

  • Between the Lines: A Look at the Use of Lyrics in Jazz and Popular Music, NPR Affiliate

  • A Brief History of Beal Street, Voice of America, United States Information Agency

  • Lewellen Talks, KYDs Radio Sacramento CA, Commercial and Internet

  • KFBK, KOOl 101, Y-92, KSTE, Production Assistant/Market Researcher, Clear Channel Communications, Sacramento, CA

  • Portrait of the Artist, Freshwave.com, New York City

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